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WATCH Book Trailer for my New MG novel, RAILROAD GIRL

Dear Readers,

Delighted to share with you the new book trailer for my MG novel, RAILROAD GIRL, now being read by editors. Here's the link:

Here's a brief synopsis. My literary agent, Sarah Jane Freymann and Jessica Sinsheimer, represent the book if you'd like to take a look. 

Railroad Girl description: 

Set against the thirteen tense days of the Cuban missile crisis, twelve-year-old Miranda discovers her nuclear family is also under threat from a kidnapping mother—who may or may not be a code-breaking spy. Miranda stows away on the Super Chief train, is adopted by hobos, rediscovers her Native American family, all amidst a vivid and historically accurate drama of when the world came perilously close to ending. Clear-eyed and sometimes darkly comic in her loss of innocence, Miranda discovers that, like in nuclear war, there really are no winners in love—an unbreakable code.  



Editorial Back Story to Catastrophe by the Sea in Tikkun magazine 8.2019

Dear Readers,

Quite an interesting back story to creating and selling Catastrophe by the Sea, our new kid's book with Caldecott-Award-winning illustrator, Ed Young, is published in this month's Tikkun magazine under the title, "Ugly and Underfoot: The Colonization of Animals." Here's an excerpt with a link to the full article.

Tikkun magazine:  

            “People identify with animals who are the most like us,” an editor once advised me, then added with a wry laugh, “Remember, your readers are human, not animal.”

            I was writing about a childhood encounter with a rattlesnake—the editor’s least favorite creature. Fear, blame, even a bit of religious prejudice about the serpent-as-devil informed her critique. 

That editor’s advice to write about animals only as mirrors of our own culture holds true. We still colonize other species in our stories, our religion, our conservation policies by valuing how much they reflect and serve us. This is not always true of children. They can be enthralled by a banana slug, a snake, or a rock. Everything is alive and inviting relationship. Recently, Caldecott-award illustrator, Ed Young, and I submitted a new kid’s book, Catastrophe by the Sea, to editors. In partnership with the Seattle Aquarium, our hope was to inspire empathy for often overlooked, but essential, tidepool creatures. As a storyteller, I knew I had to find a way into their alien world that is so unlike ours. I created Catastrophe, a lost cat and bully on the beach who discovers barnacles and sea anemones as friends; they teach him the super powers of survival at low tide.

            “We love the charismatic cat,” several editors responded. “But lose the tidepool creatures. They’re boring. No one wants to read about a barnacle.”

            “There’s a reason beachcombers step on barnacles and anemones,” another editor pointed out. “They’re ugly and underfoot. Who cares about them?”

            We chose to go with the publisher, West Margin Press in Berkeley, California, who realized that the tidepool creatures were also main characters, not only in our story, but also vital to the ocean ecosystem we all share. 

     It’s only when our stories embrace other species who aren’t just like us, that we begin to “see the world truly,” as the Hopi Indians teach. Hopis believe they dwell at the Center of the Universe, having journeyed through many migrations into this “WorldComplete.” Our world is completed when we can step outside our own projections and recognize other cultures, animal or human, as worthy and essential in their own right.If we can enter and imagine another animal’s life, contemplating the world from that diverse point of view, we mature as a species. We don’t colonize other animals, we celebrate them.~

 WATCH our BOOK Trailer!

Two of my favorite spreads from the book: 


The feline inspiration for Catastrophe! My cat, Loki!

 Read more about our new kid's book on the Catstrophe by the Sea page on this website!


WATCH our new WILD ORCA book trailer!

Dear readers,

We are delighterd to show this new WILD ORCA book trailer with video of orcas, the authors, and several of our favorite illustrations. Feel free to share and and post on social media. Help us celebrate these highly social and iconic orcas! Also here is the Summer issue, "Orca Choir" article from ORION magazine, the back story to this kid's book. Enjoy!

WILD ORCA book trailer


LISTEN to radio podcast on Wolf Nation, Wild Orca, and new kid's book

Wolf Nation, Nature Writing, Exploring the love of Nature, and More with Author Brenda Peterson

May 14, 2019
Amazing nature author Brenda Peterson (Wild Orca, Wolf Nation, and Catastrophe by the Sea) talks about her love of nature, getting into writing, finding the kernel of your memoir, wolfs, and much more in this Learning with Lowell interview with your host Lowell Thompson,Check this one out!
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Amazing nature author of 17+ books Brenda Peterson (Wild Orca, Wolf Nation, and Catastrophe by the Sea) talks about her love of nature, getting into writing, finding the kernel of your memoir, wolfs, and much more in this Learning with Lowell interview with your host Lowell Thompson,Check this one out!

About Brenda Peterson (As seen on her website)

Through her work as a novelist and nature writer, Peterson’s curiosity about and respect for nature radiates through her 17 books, which range from her first memoir Build Me an Ark: A Life with Animals, chosen as a “Best Spiritual Book of 2001,” to three novels, one of which, Duck and Cover, was chosen by New York Times as Notable Book of the Year. Her new memoir, I Want To Be Left Behind: Finding Rapture Here on Earth was selected by The Christian Science Monitor among the Top Ten Best Non-Fiction Books of 2010.

Her novels include Animal Heart (Sierra Club Books) and River of Light (Knopf), as well as Becoming the Enemy (Graywolf Press). Her nonfiction books include Living by Water and the National Geographic book Sightings: The Gray Whale’s Mysterious Journey. These works established Peterson as a prominent creative nonfiction writer, extensively profiled in the reference work America’s Nature Writers. Peterson’s bestselling anthology Intimate Nature: The Bond Between Women and Animals is often taught in university courses. Her nonfiction has appeared in numerous national newspapers, journals, and magazines, including The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Reader’s Digest, Christian Science Monitor, O: The Oprah Magazine, and Utne Reader.

Peterson lives in Seattle. For the past two decades, she has studied and written about animals, especially marine mammals and wolves. She is the founder of the Seattle-based grassroots conservation group Seal Sitters. Since 1993 she has contributed environmental commentary to NPR and is a frequent commentator to The Huffington Post. See her blog and website for online links. Her new picture book, Leopard and Silkie: One Boys Quest to Save the Seal Pups, was published by Henry Holt for Young Readers and was a 2013 winner of National Science Teacher’s Association “Outstanding Science Books for K-12.” Her new novel, The Drowning World, part of her fantasy/sci-fi Aquantis Series begun with Animal Heart, is just out in ebook and paperback from Ingram and Espresso Book Machine Network.

Peterson’s new natural history book, WOLF NATION, is out from Merloyd Lawrence Books and receiving excellent reviews. Forbes magazine selected it as a Best Conservation Book of the Year. The new picture books are WILD ORCA: The Oldest, Wisest Whale in the World (Christy Ottaviano Books/Macmillan) chosen by the National Science Teachers Assciation as an Outstanding Science Book for K-12 and a Junior Library selection. LOBOS: A Wolf Family Returns to the Wild(Sasquatch Press) has just been long-listed for the GREEN EARTH BOOK AWARD. And the forthcoming Catastrophe by the Sea is due out on September 24th, 2019 from West Margin Press.

Read more about Peterson’s memoir:

Brenda’s Linked in profile:

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To see all of the Delphinius books please visit the website: Delphinius Publishing

 The Drowning World is available in paperback from Ingram and also on the Espresso Book Machine Network at this link:

Or if you’re in Washington state order the paperback through Village Books at this link:

Or view on IndieBound website:


WATCH our new book trailer for Catastrophe by the Sea!

We are really excited to share with you the book trailer for Catastrophe by the Sea, the story of a lost cat on the beach. Enjoy!

Much more back story about this new kid's book on the Catastrohe by the Sea page!