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WATCH Book Trailer for my New MG novel, RAILROAD GIRL

Dear Readers,

Delighted to share with you the new book trailer for my MG novel, RAILROAD GIRL, now being read by editors. Here's the link:

Here's a brief synopsis. My literary agent, Sarah Jane Freymann and Jessica Sinsheimer, represent the book if you'd like to take a look. 

Railroad Girl description: 

Set against the thirteen tense days of the Cuban missile crisis, twelve-year-old Miranda discovers her nuclear family is also under threat from a kidnapping mother—who may or may not be a code-breaking spy. Miranda stows away on the Super Chief train, is adopted by hobos, rediscovers her Native American family, all amidst a vivid and historically accurate drama of when the world came perilously close to ending. Clear-eyed and sometimes darkly comic in her loss of innocence, Miranda discovers that, like in nuclear war, there really are no winners in love—an unbreakable code.  


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