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Listen to NPR interview "Back from the Brink" on WOLF NATION

My full NPR interview on WOLF NATION—Listen here:


Rare white wolf killed illegally in Yellowstone

 NPR reports:

The tragic killing of a rare, white wolf inside Yellowstone National Park is a haunting echo of the killing of Yelowstone's most famous matriarch wolf, named 06 in 2012. Thousands of people come to Yellowstone to see wolves in the wild and now there are plans to resume wolf hunting right outside the Park. This wolf hunting will, as in Denali, Alaska, profoundly decrease the chances of wolf watching. Tourism brings in $35 million per year to the businesses around Yellowstone. And it is our human birthrght to hear wolves howing in the wild. Isn't  it time for wolves to be valued for their beauty, their top predator balance of the ecosystem, and their restoration to native habitat? Laurie Lyman editor of Yellowstone Reports, told me about this Canyon pack alpha female kiled in Yellowstone: "To see her was never to forget her. She was maybe the first and only wolf that many ever saw and the memory was for a lifetime. Everyone knew her and thousans would come from all over the world to see her. It's heartbreaking."

In my new book, WOLF NATION: The Life, Death, and Return of Wild American Wolves you can read about the Yellowstone wolves and the courageous wolf advocates who are devoting their lives to wolf recovery. 












WOLF NATION preview and Goodreads Giveaway!

Goodreads giving away advance copies of my new wolf book and preview a chapter, "El Lobo Reeturns Home" in The Morning News!


READ "El Lobo Returns Home" from The Morning News


Preview my new book WOLF NATION

Here is an early look at a chapter from my new book Wolf Nation—an excerpt from "OR7 A Wolf Called Journey," the story of a solitary wolf who traveled over 1,000 miles to become the first wolf in California in over 100 years! 



Listen to an excerpt from "Wolf Music" from new book, WOLF NATION

Reading from the opening of a chapter "Wolf Music," in my new book, I explore the science of why wolves howl and talk with French classical pianist, Helene Grimaud, who co-founded the Wolf Conservation Center in upstate New York. Listen on Sound CLoud!



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